Andrea has been dedicated to The Harris Law Firm since 2012 and brings a vast knowledge of both criminal and family law. Born and raised in the Maryland and Pennsylvania area, after graduation Andrea traveled around the country from Florida, South Carolina, Colorado to just name a few before she finally settled on Texas where she has called home for the last 12 years. Andrea hasn't always worked in the legal field though she originally attended Johnson and Wales University in Denver, Colorado where she received her bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts. Most recently though after having her daughter she decided to go back to school and in 2016 she obtained her master's Degree in Child and Adolescent Development Psychology. Her love for knowledge, the legal field and psychology continues to grow and that is why she is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Child and Adolescent Development Psychology at Cappella University. Andrea also holds membership in the Fort Worth Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, Tau Upsilon Alpha, Society for Research in Child and Adolescent Development, and is Local Ambassador and National Advocate for Break the Silence against Domestic Violence.

Since being with the firm since 2012, Andrea has also had the privilege of working in both criminal and family law, which makes Andrea our most seasoned and experienced paralegal. She can bring a wide variety of skills to your case with her knowledge of the law, psychology, as well as her keen ability with technology and research.