Causes behind the rise in gray divorce

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Some Texans may be aware of the recent rise in the rate of gray divorce — separations involving spouses aged 50 and older. What makes this rise so unique is that it stands in stark contrast to the overall declining rates of divorce in other age demographics.

There are numerous reasons why an older couple may opt to go through the divorce process. For example, an extra-marital affair could break a marriage apart. According to some social analysts, there is now less stigma surrounding infidelity. After all, there are dating websites dedicated to helping spouses stray from their marriages.

Another common factor is that life expectancy today is longer than it used to be a few generations ago. As a result, 50-year-olds are thinking of how they can spend their remaining decades happy. If they aren’t satisfied with their marriages, many won’t hesitate to search for a happier relationship. This factor becomes all the more pertinent if one spouse keeps healthy while the other fails to stay fit and active.

Regardless of the reason, the process of divorce is almost always difficult, especially for older spouses who have had long marriages. Not only are they splitting up from someone they’ve spent a large portion of their lives with, but they are also about to enter a new and possibly scary phase of their lives. Consequently, an older divorcee might benefit from reaching out to others for help, be it in the form of a support group or legal counsel. A family law attorney could help a client negotiate fair divorce terms and prepare for the future.



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