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Seeking the marital home in a divorce requires thought

One of the more common issues for divorcing couples in Texas is determining which party receives the marital home. Though retaining the home can often be financially advantageous, there are a number of factors to consider.

The first step is to determine if the party can afford the home after divorce. In many cases, the income of both married spouses is used to make a mortgage payment. After the divorce, only one income will be used. Besides the mortgage payment, taxes and homeowner insurance must be considered as well as the monthly utility costs.

Social media during divorce

The use of social media is more than common, it’s second nature to most of us and part of our everyday culture. We post about everything–daily happenings, our jobs, our kids, our reasons to celebrate and the details of our hardships.

While posting has become a daily part of our lifestyle, information shared on social media can have a downside in divorce and be detrimental to its proceedings.

How parents can help their kids remain happy post-divorce

Most couples planning to marry in Texas don't think about what may happen in the event of a divorce. Still, circumstances and feelings can evolve over time. If children are involved by the time a marriage ends, things can be even more complicated. Because parenting doesn't end after the marital knot is legally untied, parents should take steps to be sensitive to their children's needs during the transition.

Maintaining consistency during the divorce process, for instance, may give kids a better sense of control as other things change around them. This could include establishing expectations with behavior, chores and schoolwork that will apply in both households, even if parenting styles differ in some ways. When there are disagreements with discipline and other decisions, a parent might set an example of compromise and cooperation by supporting their ex instead of openly opposing them (as long as their actions are acceptable and not harmful to the child).

Economic growth and increased wealth may increase divorce odds

While couples tying the knot in Texas often have visions of being together forever, there are many potential sources of stress that can have a big impact on marital relationships. The biggest one, according to a survey of more than 2,000 adults, is money. Not surprisingly, couples who are pretty much in sync financially are less likely to split because of money issues. Conversely, spouses with significantly mismatched credit scores are more likely to separate within five years of saying, "I do."

However, wealthy couples may still end up seeking divorce because of other financially-related issues. For instance, some high-net-worth couples experience marital stress due to the expenses related to maintaining their lifestyles. There are also situations where one spouse is the primary or higher earner, which may result in underlying issues with economic disparity among spouses.

What exactly is alimony pendente lite?

Now that you and your spouse are divorcing, you are concerned about your finances. In particular, you worry about spousal support and alimony. Whether you are concerned about paying spousal support or receiving it, this major issue will no doubt have a significant impact on your future.

In Pennsylvania, we have three forms of financial support for separated spouses. There are spousal support and alimony, which most people have heard of. Then, there is alimony pendente lite.

Will I need to pay spousal support in my divorce?

Alimony payments, also called spousal support, are regular payments that one ex-spouse may be required to pay the other spouse after divorce. The factors that necessitate spousal support vary from state to state.

In Texas, there are very specific parameters for whether you may be obligated to pay spousal support, the amount you would pay and the length of time you may be obligated to continue payments.

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