How can you remain healthy during a divorce?

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When you split with your spouse, it affects your entire life. It changes your routine, your sense of self and can impact your body.

Divorce can affect more than your mental health, it can also affect your physical health. U.S. News explains how you can keep up with your health when going through a divorce.

Pay attention to your diet

When going through an emotional event, it is easy to lose track of diet. Some people may lose weight, whereas others may gain weight. Pay attention to how you handle food and your emotions. If you catch yourself binging on unhealthy food, try to keep the unhealthy foods out of your cabinet. Make sure to eat balanced meals three times a day to keep from binging on other foods.

If you have trouble eating, try out smoothies. Vegetable juices, smoothies and protein shakes can be a good substitute for food when your anxiety makes it difficult to eat solid food. You can normally drink more than you can eat.

Start a new exercise routine

Exercise isn’t only good for your body, but it is good for your mental health. When you work out, you produce feel-good chemicals or endorphins. To combat the negative feelings that come with divorce, exercise can help boost your confidence, reduce your anxiety and help you sleep at night.

While going through a divorce, be fair to yourself. Allow yourself to feel different emotions and try to focus on yourself when you can. Keep a support network close to you so that you can vent your frustrations or express your feelings.



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