Should you opt for parallel parenting?

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As a divorcing parent looking into different custody and visitation options, parallel parenting serves as a potential point of interest. This form of parallel parenting allows you to reap some benefits of shared custody while simultaneously keeping your distance from your co-parent.

But how do you know that parallel parenting will work for you? Should you opt for it, or should you continue your search?

Prevention of in-person talks

Psychology Today takes a look at how parallel parenting works. Parallel parenting essentially prevents direct, in-person communication. Instead, you and your co-parent will communicate through written channels only. This can take the form of emails, text messages, third-party instant messaging applications, or even hand-written letters.

Some parents also record visitations and other events in a notebook, which they pass back and forward with their children. This keeps a detailed record of events in case the courts ever need such information. It also allows both parents to stay up to date with their child’s life without the need for extensive conversations.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit is that this allows your child to enjoy a two-parent family system while also avoiding the possibility of witnessing a parental argument. Child psychologists state that this is often a huge source of trauma and stress for children of divorce.

Of course, parallel parenting as a system is not meant to last forever. It is simply meant to give you and your co-parent the tools and space necessary to work toward cooperative parenting. The courts will judge each case individually to determine when the time to make these transfers is right for your family.



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