Preparing for your adoption home study

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The adoption process requires preparation and diligence. Depending on your situation, the entire process from start to finish could stretch years.

The home study part of adoption may make you anxious. Knowing how to effectively prepare for a successful outcome can help you determine what to do next.

Gather the appropriate documentation

Adoption agencies go to great lengths to determine that children in the system end up with families that can adequately provide a stable, loving and caring home. As such, according to Child Welfare Information Gateway, you will need to submit documentation about your health care coverage, past health statements and income statements. You will also need to complete an extensive background check.

Prepare your home for the visit

Arguably one of the most critical parts of the home study process is the home visit. Depending on your agency, this will involve more than one visit and could span several months. During this time, you will need to demonstrate that your home is a safe place. You will want to present your home as a stable, lively, clean and inviting environment.

Pay attention to how safe your home appears. Particularly if you plan to adopt a young child, you will want to show that you have taken adequate precautions to prevent hazards and protect children from harm.

Your effort to prepare for the home study could make a tremendous difference in the outcome of the visit. Even though you feel confident about your ability to provide a good home for an adopted child, being able to show that to your agency will only improve your confidence, as well as their feelings about you.



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