Dispelling misconceptions about adoption in Texas

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The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services reported that over 4,500 children got adopted across the state in 2021. Deciding to adopt a child is a life-changing decision filled with joy, challenges and, frequently, misunderstandings.

If you are considering adoption in Texas, you have likely encountered some common misconceptions that might make the process seem more daunting than it actually is.

Only married couples can adopt

A prevailing misconception is that only married couples can adopt. This is not true. In Texas, single adults can also adopt. The state does not discriminate based on marital status, so do not let your single status deter you from considering adoption.

Adoptions are always expensive

Adoptions can come with costs, but the belief that they are always prohibitively expensive is incorrect. Costs can vary depending on the type of adoption you choose. For instance, adopting from foster care often involves minimal costs. The state provides financial assistance, health coverage and even college tuition for children adopted from the Texas foster care system.

You must own a home to adopt

Some people think they need to own a home to adopt, but this is another misconception. Texas does not require you to own a home to become an adoptive parent. Whether you rent or own, what matters most is providing a safe, loving and stable environment for the child.

Adoptions take many years to complete

While some adoptions can take time, the idea that all adoptions take many years to complete is not accurate. The timeline for adoption varies depending on several factors, including the type of adoption, the child’s age and their circumstances. Many people, especially those adopting from the foster care system, can complete their adoptions in less than a year.

You cannot adopt if you already have biological children

Many people believe that having biological children will prevent them from adopting. This is not the case. In Texas, having biological children does not disqualify you from adopting. Many families successfully blend biological and adopted children.

Understanding the realities of the process will help you make informed decisions as you navigate your path to adoption in Texas. Remember, the goal of adoption is to find loving homes for children and people from all walks of life can help achieve this.



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