What to do if a child is unsafe with the other parent

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A Texas parent who is worried about the safety of their kid with the other parent should be prepared to provide documentation backing up their claims. This might include police reports or medical records if the child was treated after being abused. While taking such allegations seriously, judges also usually want to make sure that parents are telling the truth.

A parent should note any abuse or neglect that happens during or after the divorce process. If child protective services gets involved, the child’s neighbors, teachers and family members might be interviewed. During this time, the other parent may still have access to the child; although, it may be limited. A parent might want to take the kid to a therapist if there are signs of trauma, and the therapist could also be interviewed. The judge may also order the child to meet with a second therapist for evaluation.

If there is a safety issue, a parent might take out a restraining or protective order on the ex. This would prohibit contact. If the other parent violates the order, they might go to jail.

Custody battles can be contentious, but ideally, parents and the legal system will work together toward the child’s best interests. Parents should distinguish between parenting actions they disagree with and those that are actively harmful to a child. If a parent appears to be uncooperative when the child’s safety is not in question, it could hurt their bid for custody. Legal counsel could provide guidance to a parent going through a custody dispute.



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