Child Custody And Visitation Options In Texas

Determining child custody is one of the most emotionally charged and contentious areas of family law. As a parent you want to protect your child’s future by ensuring they get the best possible care and home environment, but the courts attempt to balance the interests of both parents against the best interest of the child. At The Harris Law Firm in Fort Worth, our attorneys focus on your child’s needs while defending your parental rights.

Parental Rights And Access

In Texas, conservatorship describes the legal rights and responsibilities of each parent. Access and possession refer to time and interaction with the child. Texas courts follow the best interests of the child doctrine, and favor shared parental rights and duties through joint possession and conservatorship when appropriate.

Protecting Your Parental Rights

Whether you are facing the end of a marriage or you are an unwed parent seeking to establish your parental rights, you need strong legal representation. Before taking any action to gain custody, you should consult with a lawyer. Without doing so you could inadvertently damage your case. It is important not to leave a joint residence with your child. Parents caught attempting to flee with a child often do not get conservatorship.

A Fierce Advocate For You And Your Child

You need strong representation to prove your child’s best interests lie with you. If a parenting time agreement cannot be reached without court intervention, we will fight in court to protect and enforce your parental rights.

Do not let someone prevent you from seeing your child. Let us go the extra mile to give you a fair voice in court. Call 682-990-5757 or reach us by email to schedule a consultation.