How fathers earn more parenting time

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Texas does not have any legislation that specifically caters to fathers. According to the State Law Library, mothers and fathers have the same rights and responsibilities. However, mothers generally receive much more parenting time than their male counterparts.

If you are a father and going through a divorce, there are some good practices to maintain during the child custody proceedings. See below for some tips for dads who want a greater share of child-rearing responsibility.

Do not move out

Try to stay at the house your children live in. Judges look more favorably on a father who is present and a part of the day-to-day life of their kids. Unless the court orders you to leave or fear your safety, stay at home.

Stick to your duties

Keep up with your parenting chores and responsibilities. If you stop making lunches or taking your kids to school, a judge will not be as inclined to give you full or 50-50 custody.

Adapt your schedule

Negotiate with your job to be more flexible about travel and work hours. This is obviously not always possible. Unfortunately, if you travel and cannot be home for the kids, it is much more difficult to earn a larger share of parenting time.

Work with a lawyer

Consulting with a family law attorney is the best way to earn more parenting time. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the better your chances are of securing the child custody arrangement you desire.

Fathers have not always received favorable parenting time. However, judges are more likely to give you a better deal in recent years. Work hard to keep up your fatherly duties and show that you deserve to spend more time with your children.



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