Post-Divorce Modifications For Child Custody And Support

While a divorce decree is final, there are situations where a parent may wish to modify an existing custody arrangement or child support agreement. Perhaps you were laid off, or your former spouse took on a new job that pays significantly more so you would like to request a modification to your child support agreement. Or maybe your employer asked you to relocate and you would like to make changes to the visitation schedule. Or perhaps your children are older and the current arrangement no longer meets their needs.

Experienced legal representation is a must for modification matters. When you need to modify an existing arrangement or oppose changes, the attorneys at The Harris Law Firm can help. Our firm represents clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metro.

Modifications Require Sufficient Cause

Texas courts only permit a modification to a child support or custody decree if a parent underwent a significant or unforeseen change in circumstance, if it has been at least three years since the original order or if it is in the best interest of the child. The court will also make modifications if a parent’s behavior endangers a child, such as in cases of addiction or abuse. Situations meriting a modification include:

  • A spouse remarries or has another child
  • A parent wishes to relocate
  • A child turns 18 and is no longer a minor
  • A parent or former spouse experiences a significant change in circumstances

Get Court Approval

There may be times when both parents agree to a proposed visitation plan or support modification. Even so, it is imperative to work with a lawyer to ensure the change is court-approved. A dispute over the change later could threaten your parental rights.

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