Ensuring A Safe And Loving Home Through Adoption

Few experiences are as emotionally arduous as the adoption or placement journey. Adoption is a wonderful way to ensure a child will have a safe and nurturing home, but it can be a complex and lengthy road to navigate on your own. To make sure the adoption is legally binding and seamless, you need an experienced adoption lawyer to guide you through the process. The lawyers at The Harris Law Firm in Fort Worth provide compassionate personalized representation to birth parents and adoptive parents. Whether the adoption is within the family or through an agency, we will help you through the process of gaining legal parenthood.

Understanding Adoption

Adoption differs from a traditional custody lawsuit in that an adoption seeks to terminate either one or both of a biological parent’s rights to a child. Through the process of adoption, a child becomes the legal child of the person seeking to adopt, and the adoptive parent or parents gain full parental rights as they would with a biological child. Any relationship with the biological parent is wiped away, and birth records are adjusted to reflect the new parental status of the adoptive parent or parents.

At The Harris Law Firm, we can assist you with the following types of adoptions:

  • Stepparent
  • Grandparent
  • Private
  • Agency facilitated

Requirements For Adoption In Texas

Prospective adoptive parents in Texas need to undergo a home inspection and background checks. The home inspection consists of a visit from an adoption specialist who meets with prospective adoptive parents to reassure the judge that the adoptive home is a safe and healthy environment to raise a child. Inspections are geared toward making sure you have the necessary skills and resources to be a successful adoptive parent.

Let Us Help You Grow Your Family

Adoptions can be complex. Before signing a contract with an adoption agency or finalizing a relative adoption, it is best to have everything reviewed by an attorney to prevent potential legal problems. Let us handle the small details so you can focus on your growing family. To schedule a consultation about adoption, please send us an email or call 682-990-5757.