Creating A Comprehensive Parenting Pan

A parenting plan is a road map for how you and your co-parent will share in the responsibilities of raising your child. Essentially, plans are like a business agreement where each parent has assigned roles and obligations. For drafting and review of a parenting time plan, turn to the experienced family law attorneys at The Harris Law Firm in Fort Worth.

The Texas Standard Possession Order

Texas courts use a standard possession order (SPO) that sets each parent’s scheduled time with the child. Special guidelines are used for children under three and for parents who live more than 100 miles apart. Parents can devise their own schedule and have it court-approved, but if parents cannot agree the court will force the parents to follow the SPO.

Developing A Comprehensive Plan

Unfortunately, the SPO only outlines basic visitation time and parenting rules and can gloss over important aspects of co-parenting a child. A comprehensive plan should address who pays for expenses related to the child not addressed in the child support order such as extracurriculars, uninsured medical expenses or child care. A plan should also detail who will have the child for special or important events. Events will differ for each family, but could include things like birthday parties, family gatherings, school or sporting events.

Dispute Resolutions Plans

You may find yourself in a dispute with your co-parent over a child-related issue. Common causes of disagreements between co-parents include trading time or decision-making regarding the child. Consider adding a dispute resolution portion to your plan outlining how you will address and resolve disputes when they arise.

Let Us Create A Parenting Plan For You

On paper a comprehensive plan may seem overly complicated, but having governing rules and spelling out anticipatory situations help parents deal with the unexpected. Also, a well-drafted plan is much easier to follow and enforce.

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