What exactly is alimony pendente lite?

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Now that you and your spouse are divorcing, you are concerned about your finances. In particular, you worry about spousal support and alimony. Whether you are concerned about paying spousal support or receiving it, this major issue will no doubt have a significant impact on your future.

In Pennsylvania, we have three forms of financial support for separated spouses. There are spousal support and alimony, which most people have heard of. Then, there is alimony pendente lite.

Understanding alimony pendente lite

In Pennsylvania, our three forms of spousal support have very specific definitions. At first glance, they may seem confusing. But each has its own important role.

Spousal support refers to the financial support that the dependent spouse receives once the couple separates. Alimony pendente lite is slightly different. It is the monetary support that a spouse receives once the couple files the divorce complaint. After the court finalizes the divorce, financial support from one spouse to another is referred to as simply alimony.

Obtaining the right amount of support

If you were the primary breadwinner of your family, then you may have to pay support to your ex. Conversely, if you depended on your spouse’s income, then you may need to file for support. The amount of support that you pay or receive depends on your personal circumstances; there is no set formula for determining a couple’s support arrangement.

Whatever your situation, you must work to uphold your best interests in your divorce. Emerging with your finances intact is crucial for starting your new life. Many spouses choose to work with a divorce attorney to help them get the support arrangement that they need.



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