Studies assess relationships with mixed attractiveness

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People in Texas have likely seen how social standards of attractiveness and beauty have a significant impact on people’s lives, including the romantic or sexual sphere. Many people are attracted to those considered the most beautiful according to societal values, but most individuals eventually develop relationships with people considered equally attractive.

Various researchers have delved into the question of how differing attractiveness levels may affect a relationship. According to one study, women who said they were much more attractive than their male partners were more likely to feel uncommitted in the relationship and flirt with others. However, this kind of self-reported study in which people assess their own attractiveness may not measure physical attractiveness as clearly as it does contempt or dislike in the relationship, especially since both factors are likely to lead to divorce. Other research found that less attractive partners were more likely to develop problematic jealous or controlling behaviors.

However, still more studies found that husbands married to women considered more attractive than themselves by outside viewers were more likely to be happy in their marriages. In addition, couples who developed a friendship before a romantic relationship were unlikely to show any significant effect on their relationship due to differing levels of physical beauty.

No matter the length of a couple’s marriage, their differences may begin to emerge around more serious issues, like financial mismanagement or differing views on parenthood. A family law attorney may help a spouse considering divorce to understand the process and move toward a fair settlement of matters including property division and child custody.



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