Ending a marriage amicably

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Ending a marriage in Texas, or any other state, is often distressing. The events that led up to the decision to divorce take an emotional toll as many spouses dread the divorce process, assuming it will be adversarial, stressful and expensive.

While it is true that some divorces are acrimonious, there are ways in which divorcing couples can minimize hostilities while negotiating fair settlements. Unfortunately, if one party feels particularly hurt by the actions of the other spouse during the marriage, he or she may try to take revenge through the divorce process.

In these situations, a third party might be able to assist in encouraging a more civil dissolution of marriage. An attorney, for example, may point out to his or her client that an adversarial divorce can waste both money and time.

Even if the circumstances leading to the end of a marriage are unpleasant, an angry spouse still has the option of participating in a fair divorce that is resolved quickly. This often has financial benefits for both parties and makes it easier for the wronged spouse to recover and move on with his or her life.

Another option is to hire a professional mediator. Mediators are trained, certified, neutral third parties who seek to understand the goals of both spouses in the divorce process. The mediator then works with the couple to come to an agreement on areas of contention.

Individuals who are considering divorce may also benefit from speaking with a family law attorney. The attorney might work with a mediator to assist in a fair agreement. The attorney may also be able to provide counsel on what a client can reasonably expect to happen in a divorce case.



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