Tips for handling a divorce with children

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Divorce can be notoriously tough on children, but there are many things parents in Texas can do to make the experience easier. There are also things parents can do to make the separation worse, so it’s important for both parents to pay close attention to how their actions are affecting their children’s health, emotions and stability. According to professional therapists, it’s conflict, not divorce itself, that causes turmoil with children.

Parents need to let their children know that the divorce was not the children’s fault while empowering them to make decisions about life after the separation. When children feel like they are taking part in the decision-making process, the situation doesn’t feel as chaotic and out of control. Parents should not keep their children in the dark about what’s going on even if the divorce is very complicated.

Children also fare best after a divorce when they have positive relationships with both parents. That means parents should never badmouth or undercut another parent. This can be difficult for ex-spouses involved in a contentious separation, but speaking ill of an ex can alienate children from both parents. When kids have positive perceptions of their parents, they will have more confidence in themselves and feel more secure in the world.

Parents who are going through a divorce are advised to get support and guidance from an attorney in order to figure out arrangements that are in the best interests of their children. Matters of custody, housing and division of assets can be complicated, and a lawyer may help their client separate intense emotions from making practical decisions in mediation or court. An attorney may also help their client make changes to child custody or support months or years after an initial divorce agreement.



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