A few signs a marriage is in danger

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While divorce may come as a relief for some unhappy spouses in Texas, the decision to split up is usually not so easy. However, there are a couple of red flags that indicate a marriage is headed for divorce.

When a couple stays together simply because they feel it is better for the children, they often have disrespectful, combative and unhealthy attitudes toward each other. These relationships often end in divorce when the kids grow up and move out. While divorce is not the solution for all couples, the children should not be the main tie that keeps them together.

One major red flag that indicates a couple could be headed for divorce is that they live completely separate lives. When they are not interested in each other’s lives, they make decisions without thinking about the other person, or they simply don’t care how the other person would react or feel. These are bad signs for any relationship.

If partners engage in actions or make decisions that they know will hurt the other person, this indicates that the marriage is in serious trouble. Perhaps they make life-altering decisions without consulting each other. Some spouses may even do things that their partner specifically asked them not to do.

Some spouses just do not want to go home. Perhaps they will stay late at work or sleep over at a friend’s house to avoid their marriage mate. In these cases, the spouse may wish to discuss the matter of divorce with an family law attorney. The lawyer may be able to provide legal advice regarding property division, child custody and other matters that relate to the divorce process.



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