How fathers can overcome bias in child custody cases

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Fathers in Texas who are working to get custody of their children often fear discrimination or bias in favor of a mother. Part of the reason why this fear exists is because mothers were traditionally the ones who reared the children, and fathers were providers. In separation and divorce cases that took place in the past, mothers would be assigned responsibility of the children, and fathers would continue to provide materially for them.

Society today is a lot different. It is common for fathers to be awarded joint or primary custody of their children. This is especially the case if it is clearly in the best interests of the children to be with their father.

There are a variety of biases and myths that fathers may fear when fighting for custody of their children. Some have the idea that fathers may not be loving or nurturing enough with their children. Others may think that fathers do not have enough knowledge when it comes to child rearing. There is also the idea that men do not have the time needed to care for children.

It is essential for fathers to prepare themselves against these biases when they have their court date. They should ensure that communication between the father and the mother of the children is intact. Fathers should have a parenting plan in place, and there needs to be proof that an established relationship exists between the father and children.

Attorneys may work with fathers who are seeking joint or sole custody of their children. They might help overcome these biases and show the judge that the father would provide the best care for the children. A lawyer may also help with practical things, like filling out the appropriate paperwork.



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