What are signs of parental alienation?

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As Texan parents, you want what is best for your child in all situations. Unfortunately, the trials and tribulations of divorce may sometimes cloud a person’s mental state. They can make harmful, dangerous decisions as a result.

For example, a spiteful ex-spouse might decide they do not want you interacting with your child anymore. This can lead to issues with parental alienation.

Parental alienation as a form of manipulation

The Psychiatric Times examine parental alienation and how it affects children. Most tactics parents use to alienate you from your child are manipulative. This is why courts often claim parental alienation is a form of child psychological abuse. Due to the immediate affect it tends to have, you will likely spot signs relatively early on.

Mild, moderate and severe cases

There are different stages at which children suffer from parental alienation. At the mildest stage, your child is likely to show some resistance to spending time with you. But after actually getting to your place, they warm up easily and have a good time.

In moderate cases, children are much more adamant about avoiding you. They may cite things your ex-spouse said. They could quote supposed unsavory characteristics or fabricated scenarios to support avoidance.

In severe cases, children refuse to spend any time with you. They go out of their way to exclude you. They may treat you with spite, anger and disdain. But they cannot ever explain why they wish to distance themselves. They may also struggle with obvious signs of guilt, internal conflict or confusion.

If you notice these signs, you can discuss it with legal experts. They can help you determine what step you should take next.



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