How can you talk to your children about your divorce?

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After dealing with a tumultuous divorce, you may worry that the stress of this huge lifestyle change will also affect your children when you tell them their parents are splitting.

Making sure to break the news in a sensitive and mature way will help your children understand what is happening.

Stay direct and honest

According to Psychology Today, children often worry that they are at fault for their parents’ divorce. They may blame themselves or feel guilty, so you should make sure to reiterate that nothing they did was wrong.

Do not lie or obscure the truth about what divorce is, but be honest about what is happening and how their lives will change. Keeping the discussion age-appropriate can help you both feel more comfortable.

Answer any questions

After you break the news, spend extra time listening to your children’s concerns and potential questions. They likely will have conflicting and confusing emotions about this change, and may not always know how to discuss them at first.

Being patient and allowing room for questions can help your children understand that you are going to be there for them during this tough time.

Support your ex-spouse

You and your ex-spouse should always be respectful to each other, especially in front of your children. While discussing this topic, make sure to communicate positively and without any passive-aggressive behavior.

Not only does this set a good example for your children, but it also helps you both demonstrate that you both are still in charge even after these changes. Divorce can be a tough subject for any family to discuss, but helping your child adapt can be beneficial for you both.



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