How can you help your children adjust to two homes?

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After a divorce, every member of the family has to adjust to the new way of life. While you and your former spouse adjust, keep in mind that your children also go through an adjustment period. According to Parents, moving between two different households can be a difficult change to a kid’s routine.

It is important for parents to do their best to make living in both households as easy as possible.

Never compete with your former spouse

Sometimes it can be difficult if your children start talking about how much they like the other parent’s new place. You should not compete with your former spouse. Do not allow them to feel guilt for liking both places. Instead, be enthusiastic and supportive of their adjustment.

Create a plan for packing

Packing can be stressful and exhausting. To try to reduce the stress, make sure that there are certain items at each home. For example, both homes should have clothes, books, movies and toiletries available. Younger children will need your help to pack their bags the day before they go to the other house.

Make both homes comfortable

Children may feel overwhelmed when they move into a new home, much less if they have to move between two different homes. Try to make their environment as comfortable as possible. Your children should be surrounded by belongings that make them feel comfortable. If your children have special toys or stuffed animals they love, make sure they always pack them in the bag to go to the other parent’s home. In addition to creating a familiar space, make sure your children have a say in what happens. Let them decorate their rooms or help with the house.



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