What are common legal issues during adoption?

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Adoption can be a beautiful thing, but getting to the point where you finalize all the legal aspects can be stressful. The ultimate goal is to provide a child with a loving and secure home, but that means jumping through many legal hopes.

FindLaw explains adoption issues can come up involving the mother or father, and there can be struggles with adoption of children from a different race.

Biological parent challenges

The law requires termination of the rights of both the mother and father to allow for a legal adoption. Sometimes, the parents are not on board. If either parent objects to the adoption, it can slow things down or even prevent the adoption from going through.

There are also situations where a parent may agree to an adoption but then change his or her mind. This can make things difficult as well. Laws usually allow a mother to change her mind within a certain time period, and a father could always come into the picture who was not aware of the adoption. Both situations can lead to issues for you.

Racial issues

While adoption laws do not discriminate when it comes to race, there are some people who object to interracial adoptions. It can create problems for you if you want to adopt a child who has a different race than you. It is illegal at the federal level for adoption agencies receiving federal funds to deny or delay your adoption due to race issues.

There is one exception. Laws do limit the adoption of Native American children by those who are not Native American. The tribe must approve all adoptions.

Adoption is wonderful, but you should expect that the road will not be without its challenges.



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