How do you communicate with your co-parent effectively?

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Even though you and your former spouse ended your marriage recently, you still have shared children to raise. How does your new relationship change your communication style?

Healthline offers communication tips to help co-parents improve in their roles. Understand how to transition into your life’s next chapter with ease and dignity.

Be clear

With every message or conversation you have with the other parent, get clear on your intentions and desires. Being vague or leaving things up to interpretation may not only cost you but also your children. For their sake, practice being assertive without being forceful in your requests.

Be businesslike

Depending on how you ended your marriage, you may not be on good terms with your ex-spouse. If not, treating her or him as a co-worker rather than a former spouse could make your and your children’s lives easier. Think of how you would word a message or speak to someone you work with, and consider details you would keep to yourself in an office setting.

Be cooperative

With every co-parenting move, think of your children’s most favorable interest. Everything from the parenting plan to your pick-up and drop-off locations should be for your children and their peace of mind. Maintaining this mindset could keep you from bringing hard or unresolved feelings into the equation while raising your children together.

Be brief

To help establish and maintain boundaries with your co-parent, keep emails, text messages and phone conversations brief. You may also want to talk to the other parent about how many daily or weekly phone calls or messages you feel comfortable with.

With the right tools and insights, you may improve your co-parenting skills. You, your children and the other parent stand to benefit from your hard work.



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