Considerations for adopting an older child

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Adoption is a beautiful practice. However, it brings several complications you must consider before committing. One aspect to consider is the child’s age and how that affects the environment you want to raise them in. If you want to expand your family, do not discount the needs of older children as well.

According to Children’s Rights, more than 672,000 children experienced foster care in 2019. Of these children, the average age was eight years old. Sadly, 20,000 youths aged out of foster care in 2019 without finding a permanent home.

Texas consent laws

In Texas, children 12 years or older must consent to adoption. Typically, the child must live in your home for six months, giving them plenty of time to acclimate to your household. However, a court may decide to expedite the adoption process if it is in the child’s best interest. Most older child adoptions happen faster than infant adoptions due to the significant number of foster children in need of homes.

Educational benefits

When you adopt an older child before they age out of foster care, you give them a much greater chance of succeeding in life. Children who grow to adulthood without a permanent family are more likely to have legal, emotional and financial troubles in their lives. If you adopt a child over 13, they also have access to certain educational aid.

There are thousands of older children in the United States who need a permanent home. Consider the impact you can have by adopting a foster child. To take your first steps towards adoption, consult with an attorney or adoption agency about the various options.



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