Is nesting the option for you?

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When you go through divorce, you want to make the situation as easy as possible for your children. This can seem like a daunting task, especially if you still need space from your co-parent.

But there is a way to have the space you need while still providing your child with the stability they deserve. It is called bird nesting.

Why is bird nesting good?

Divorce Mag looks into the option of bird nesting. This option got its name from the way birds will raise their young, allowing them to stay in the nest until they can fend for themselves and fly on their own.

Courts have posited before that children find it extremely disruptive when they have to travel between their parent’s homes, especially during the divorce process itself. This is heaping even more stress and turmoil on them by introducing a new environment where they have no familiarity or source of comfort.

Instead, bird nesting allows them to stay in the family home. You and your co-parent will take turns living there with them. When it is not your turn to live in the family home, you must have a secondary residence elsewhere that you can stay in.

The means to make it work

Though this requires the financial means to have two homes and the ability to trust your partner alone in the family home, it provides unparalleled stability for your child. They can focus on adapting to their changed future and what divorce means for them, instead of trying to acclimate to a new city, school, group of friends and lifestyle or routine.

Thus, if you can make it work, you may want to try this option out.



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