Can sole custody harm your child?

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When going through a divorce, you may feel tempted to aim for sole custody of your child. In some instances, this may genuinely prove the better option, such as if your ex-spouse had a history of abuse.

But in other cases, sole custody may actually do more harm than good. Why is that the case?

Joint custody provides stability and support

2Houses discusses the advantages of joint custody compared to sole custody. It extrapolates on the idea that most children will thrive well in a two-parent household, even if those parents are no longer together.

One main reason for this is due to the amount of stability and support that two parents can provide. One parent alone, no matter how hard they try, cannot always fill every need of their child when they have to juggle everything without anyone else there to help.

On top of that, the child grew up with a familiarity with two parents in the house. If they continue having two parents to turn to, they will have less of an adjustment to make. Comparatively, if they suddenly only have one parent and do not feel like they can approach the other, it can cause extra anxiety and stress.

What studies show

Studies have shown that children of joint custody also have better coping mechanisms and lower rates of anxiety and depression than children of sole custody. In short, it appears to be a better situation for the mental and emotional health and well-being of the children of divorce, which should serve as every parent’s ultimate aim.



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