Addressing denied parenting time in Texas

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If you currently struggle with the inability to see your child as a non-custodial parent, it is pivotal to understand your rights. This is often a very emotional issue, but you should try to stay positive and review your options. When custodial parents violate the terms of a court order, they can face serious consequences, and you need to take action swiftly if you are in this position.

It is important to keep in mind that every case is unique, and the proper approach depends on your individual circumstances.

Parenting plan enforcement in Texas

According to the Texas Constitution and Statutes, parents can face serious penalties if they fail to abide by the terms of a parenting plan approved by the court. In fact, if a parent fails to follow a court order regarding parenting time, such as preventing the other parent from spending time with the child, they could face contempt of court charges (potentially resulting in time behind bars) and other enforcement actions.

The importance of addressing parenting time violations

The inability to see your child could result in high levels of stress and depression. Additionally, it could adversely affect your relationship with your child, especially if violations continue for an extended period of time. Your child could have questions or wrong ideas if they do not spend time with you, and it is pivotal to safeguard your bond with them and protect their best interests.

If you want to enforce a parenting plan, make sure you carefully go over your options and the process in order to increase your chances of a favorable outcome.



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