Should you continue to live together after your divorce?

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The traditional approach to divorce is that you and your spouse go your separate ways once the court finalizes your order. In today’s environment, though, many couples are choosing to continue to live together even after they divorce.

The New York Times explains continuing to live together may not be ideal for every couple, but for those who can make it work, it can save money and help to avoid financial troubles for both of you in the future.

Saving money

Many couples have to tap into savings or retirement to set up two homes after the divorce. Even though you are no longer together, having to do this, hurts both of you. Spending money you thought you would have in the future is never ideal when there is a better solution that could work.

Benefitting children

Continuing to live together can also be the best possible thing to do for your children. It will allow them to have minimal changes in their lives. It also allows you to continue working together to parent and care for the children.

Making the decision

Continuing to live together after a divorce may not work for every situation. If you and your spouse can get along and there is the ability to create separate spaces within your home for each of you, then there is a better chance of this working out. If you find yourself fighting often or having trouble moving on when the other person is still in the home, then you may not be able to take this approach. You have to decide what is best for your family, financially, mentally, and emotionally.



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