Helping your child adjust to living in 2 homes

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When you and your child’s other parent decide to part ways in Texas, you may end up sharing custody and parenting time. Typically, this means your child may have to move back and forth between your home and that of his or her mother or father. While there is a period of adjustment involved in such a transition, there are also certain steps you might take to make the process easier for everyone.

Per the Office of the Attorney General of Texas, your child or children may adjust to the new living situation better if you and the other parent make a concerted effort to keep things civil between you. It may also help if you do the following.

Set a clear schedule

Knowing what to expect may go a long way in terms of easing your child’s anxieties about transitioning between two homes. Try to establish a regular routine in terms of when your child moves from home to home, and stick to it.

Maintain realistic expectations

Transitioning to life in two homes may prove difficult at first for a child, especially if your child is young. Try not to feel offended if your child cries or longs for the other parent while in your care, and allow your child to contact the other parent when he or she wants to do so.

Encourage the relationship with the other parent

Some children of divorce feel as if they need to shun one parent to please or placate the other. Make sure your kids know that you support them in having a relationship with both parents.

Ultimately, maintaining consistency is a big part of helping your child adjust to life after a divorce.



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