Important considerations surrounding a default divorce

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Every divorce is different, and it is crucial to review your unique circumstances (such as your finances and whether you have kids). Some married couples split up amicably through a collaborative divorce, while others become involved in a contentious divorce.

In some instances, marriages end through a default divorce, and you should review how these divorces work and make sure you safeguard your interests.

A quick overview of default divorce

The Texas State Law Library states that a default divorce occurs when one spouse does not file a response after receiving a divorce petition. In order to avoid a default judgment, those served via certified mail or in person must respond by 10 AM on the first Monday that comes 20 calendar days after receiving divorce papers.

Whether you filed a divorce petition and the other party has not responded or you have failed to file a response, it is extremely important to go over your rights, options and potential issues that could arise.

Concerns regarding default divorce

Although default divorce can bring a marriage to an end swiftly, the party that fails to respond could face serious repercussions. For example, if you do not file a response, you could have no say with respect to your assets, debts and even legal matters related to your kids. Sometimes, people agree to a default divorce without realizing the details of the divorce or the fact that they become voiceless.

If you face a default divorce, it is extremely important to cover every base and do everything you can to secure the best outcome in court.



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